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Many factors affect whether snow production and grooming are efficient. We help ski resort operators to lower the variable costs of snow management and to increase their profitability. We work with your team to uncover hidden saving potentials. We show you the benefits that economical and ecofriendly driving bring. We demonstrate how to prepare the slopes properly in summer and where the snow guns need to be positioned in the autumn - ensuring the snow deposits are positioned at strategically favourable locations. We help you to reduce the idle time of the machines and to optimise the driving routes of your fleet, avoiding duplicated grooming and long trips to refuel. In brief: We develop a customised and cost-optimised snow management programme for you, which keeps resource consumption as low as possible.

Do you want to reduce the costs of your snow management permanently? We show you how.

Course content

  • Cost reduction through efficient, environmentally-friendly driving
  • Identifying time wasted during everyday snow grooming work
  • Optimising snow grooming routes
  • Optimised positioning of snow reserves
  • Appropriate usage of machine-made snow and the first natural snow in autumn
  • Efficient working with and without winches
  • Impact of the weather on the snow cover
  • Regular maintenance and storage of the vehicles in summer

Photo credits: Nicola Bonora


Florian Profanter

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