For experts

This course includes both theoretical and practical training units and is aimed at people who already have professional experience - e. g. drivers and fleet managers. The idea is to expand and deepen knowledge, ensure secure mastery of the vehicle in all situations, as well as operation of individual vehicle components, and the expansion of driver's skills in terms of economical and eco-friendly driving. Our areas of focus include the right basic structure of the slopes in autumn, efficient blade usage, working with the winch and the impact of the weather on the slopes.

Do you have motivated drivers on your team who are keen to progress? Then we have just the right thing for them.

Photo credits: Nicola Bonora


Course content

  • Ecological and economical structuring and grooming of a ski slope
  • Proper usage of machine-made snow and the first natural snow in autumn
  • Working with a thin layer of snow without damaging the machine or the ground
  • Correct and efficient blade usage
  • Using the right tiller settings for the situation at hand
  • Efficient working with and without winches
  • Efficient offsetting of changing slope widths
  • Impact of the weather on the snow cover
  • Optimised machine and driving skills
  • Safe handling of snow groomers


Florian Profanter

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