PistenBully NEWS: What do you find fascinating about PistenBully?
Markus Heeb: The elegance of the groomers when they glide across the slopes. And the fact that despite their size and incredible power they can be precise to the centimetre.

PistenBully NEWS: How do you assess the beginners' training course of PRO ACADEMY?
Markus Heeb: I really learned a lot. Especially the combination of the theoretical beginners' and the practical advanced learners' training in the same winter was a great personal advancement. Even if the beginners' course was very much focused on theoretical aspects, I can remember many of the topics we covered very well.

PistenBully NEWS: What does the training at PRO ACADEMY enable you to do?
Markus Heeb: In the beginners' course I learned the basics that every driver needs to know. In the advanced learners' course -especially in the practical part -I was taught how to drive efficiently and how to make optimal use of the vehicle's capacities.

PistenBully NEWS: What do you enjoy most about your work?
Markus Heeb: Being able to work outdoors, to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view and the sunrise and sunset. And making the best of the slopes every single day, so that in the morning, the guests find top skiing conditions.

PistenBully NEWS: Is there anything else that you would like to tell our readers?
Markus Heeb: Yes: I recommend everybody who would like to start working in the field or learn new skills to attend the course. The many helpful hints and tricks that you are get there are simply invaluable.



  Markus Heeb, 22

Driver at the cable car Luftseilbahn Fiesch-Eggishorn, participated in both the beginners' and the advanced learners' training course


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