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The alpincenter-Hamburg-Wittenburg invests in optimal slope quality.

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You don't always have to go to a mountain for a skiing experience. At the indoor slope in Wittenburg, you'll find first-class snow conditions at a mild air temperature of -1 °C.
The ski hall offers all that a ski area needs: gentle slopes with a 10 to 17 percent incline for children and beginners. Avid skiers can have fun in the snow on the red slope with an incline of up to 31%. Athletes from all over the world also use the facilities to stay in practice during the off-season. The main downhill run is 330 meters long and 80 meters wide.

A 4-seat chair lift brings winter sport enthusiasts to the "summit". At peak times, a drag lift is added. In addition, the smallest visitors can be pulled by a tow rope lift to the upper section of the beginners' slope. There are multiple snow cannons in the ski hall that provide fresh snow. This does not contain any chemical additives, so it is not regarded as artificial snow. The slopes are groomed at night using a Kässbohrer PistenBully 400.


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Case Study 
Alpincenter Hamburg-Wittenburg

PRO ACADEMY customer since 2022

The following project was implemented with the PRO ACADEMY:

Marcel Flügge


Interview partner: Marcel Flügge, Head of department snow and racing sports of the ski hall Hamburg-Wittenburg

Version 2022:

For every company, there comes a time when it is necessary to think about further use of the operations building that has "gotten up there in years". A few things are changing in the alpincenter Hamburg-Wittenburg, too. After a complete renovation of the hall's technology, Wittenburg is now prepared and looking to the future! For a hall renovation to be successful over the long term, professional and reliable partners are the fundamental building block. After the hall technology was renovated, in the spring of 2022 the PRO ACADEMY supported the ski hall in reconstructing a completely new snow cover. A conversation with Marcell Flügge, department head of Snow Sport and Racing at the Hamburg-Wittenburg ski hall:

The PRO ACADEMY convinces
"What the executive management of our company, the executive board of the company "Van der Valk" and myself particularly liked is the approach with which your company and Mr. Winkler dedicated themselves to the task. A solution-oriented approach was taken to do the work, and a slope was created that has been praised by all guests, from juniors to World Cup skiers. Various strategies were discussed and developed prior to the work. Those which promised the greatest prospect of maximum success were filtered out, further optimized and tested. If anything did not go as we were imagining, we made corrections or restructured things. All at an extremely high and professional level and within a very short time. A continuous optimization process was used, and there was interaction between the participants, every day."

Different, but not easier
"Compared to the work out on mountains, the work in a ski hall is unfortunately not easier, which, however, many assume. The conditions do not compare to those in a ski area. There are practically no temperature fluctuations in a hall, and the air is usually very dry. Reconstructing a snow cover here that meets the requirements of the athletes while also being long-lasting is anything but easy. Particularly not with the machine-made snow specially produced for the hall and in the relatively short period that was available to us."

Hamburg-Wittenburg ski hall: an in-demand training site for ski talent
"Mr. Winkler did not look at our hall as something that can't compete with the work and the slopes outside—quite the opposite. He immediately recognized the importance of his work for us and the potential of this location. That, too, is not something you see every day in our business. All too often we are derided until people see what we are capable of here at the "Alpincenter Hamburg-Wittenburg". A whole lot of up-and-coming athletes and a large number of the world's best ski racers come to us. And for this reason, I believe that Mr. Winkler absolutely wanted to achieve the best possible result. For us and our customers. He achieved exactly that."

Sustainable positive cooperation with PRO ACADEMY
"I met Mr. Winkler in the winter of 2022 in Sölden. There too, I was immediately very impressed with how Mr. Winkler spoke about his career, the work with a PistenBully and the implement itself. You notice immediately that he is passionate about his career and has an incredible amount of know-how. This is also exactly the association I have when I think about Kässbohrer. The collaboration with the PRO ACADEMY and Mr. Winkler not only confirmed, but also strengthened me in my assumption that people at Kässbohrer work with passion and know-how. We'd like to thank Mr. Winkler and Kässbohrer!"

There is something going on at alpincenter Hamburg-Wittenburg—thanks to the support of the PRO ACADEMY, the ski hall is now ideally prepared for the current season with the construction of a new snow cover. Kässbohrer wishes alpincenter well and is thankful for the insights from Mr. Flügge!

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