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SnowWorld offers the ultimate winter adventure in the largest indoor snow and recreational park in Europe! With a total of six locations in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain, SnowWorld offers unparalleled fun in the snow throughout the whole year. There are numerous slopes with different degrees of difficulty, so there is something for everyone, whether they're skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing.

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Training was provided in the following areas of focus:

Wim Hubrechtsen


Interviewpartner: Wim Hubrechtsen -CEO SnowWorld Group  

Version: 2023

In May, four PRO ACADEMY trainers spent four days at the renowned SnowWorld ski hall in Landgraaf. While there, they trained not only 20 of SnowWorld's operators, but also operators from other locations. The training included practical operator training courses as well as technical training courses for daily maintenance of the machines. The training was organized to be extremely practical and was perfectly tailored to the requirements of the ski hall. In individual operator training courses, experienced PRO ACADEMY trainers taught the operators special skills for working in a way that is efficient and conserves resources. The goal was to achieve cost savings through more efficient methods of working with the PistenBully while producing the best possible slope quality for the ski hall guests.

The secret to ideal slopes
An important component of the training was how to analyze and optimize an existing slope. Using advanced technologies such as density and temperature measurement, the snow profile was detected and the slope was analyzed down to the smallest detail. Snow analysis is the key to finding out which types of snow are on the slope and how they can best be processed.



Small area, big challenge for operating technique
In a snow park ski hall, the space is much more limited than in an expansive ski resort; that is why precise operating technique is of major importance. The goal of the training was to ensure that the park remains in the best possible condition for as long as possible and offers the guests an unforgettable experience. To enable the park to be groomed efficiently, special emphasis was placed on designing a park that is easy to maintain.

SNOW WORLD ski hall: an in-demand training site for professional skiers
SnowWorld Landgraaf is renowned as a popular training site for a wide variety of the world's best ski racers. With the help of PRO ACADEMY trainers, a training slope was created that satisfies the requirements of the top athletes. Wanting to provide an outstanding training environment, SnowWold strives to offer slopes that live up to the motto "Not just good, but perfect."

Having received the all-around training provided by PRO ACADEMY, SnowWorld has created the perfect conditions for successfully operating a ski resort with ideal slopes. We are grateful to Wim Hubrechtsen and his entire team for their interesting insights. We wish SnowWorld all the best for the future!

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