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This online training course offers an introduction to the subject of hydraulics for snow groomers. The basic course is aimed at all mechanics and service managers and does not require any special prerequisites. The content of the course ranges from the basic structure and function of a hydraulic circuit, to typical measuring devices, to an introduction to hydraulic circuit diagrams for PistenBully.

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PRO ACADEMY Hydraulics Training for Mechanics
The pro academy's online training on hydraulics was really very useful!
Nicola Tanganelli, graduate of the PRO ACADEMY

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Technical training is an investment that pays off in many ways. On the one hand, maintenance and necessary repairs are carried out faster and more cost-efficiently with the right knowledge. On the other hand, you give your employees the skills they need to do their jobs even better. In PRO ACADEMY's technical training courses, new and experienced employees can improve their skills. Benefit from higher job satisfaction, performance and productivity.

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In our courses, you'll learn from experts what's important in snow groomer maintenance and repair. The PRO ACADEMY technical training courses focus on a combination of theory and practice: In addition to the basics of mechanics, hydraulics and electronics, you will learn everything about the structure and operation of a PistenBully.

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The PRO ACADEMY training courses have been developed with special attention to interactivity. They offer active learning and playful solving of tasks, instead of just clicking through slides. In this preview video you can see how the interactive online trainings are structured.

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