Level 2.0 

Snow Grooming for Professionals  
– Pre-Season

Even in the pre-season, an operator must plan ahead for mid-winter and spring. By correctly preparing the base snow layers of a ski slope the need for snow in high winter can be reduced, and the season in spring can be extended. In addition, proper handling of the vehicles can prevent a lot of ground damage and reduce maintenance costs on the vehicles.

The "Snow Grooming for professionals" training courses are modular: Pre-season training, mid-season training, late-season training. Each module can be booked individually. The modules are offered as theoretical and/or practical training.

PistenBully 600 E+: Diesel-electric powered snow groomer
All our drivers were enthusiastic about the PRO ACADEMY training!
Joachim Poelzl, graduate of the PRO ACADEMY

Training contents

Advantages of driver training

Perfect slopes, 
efficient operations

Efficient piste preparation and high-quality grooming for your guests depends largely on the training of your drivers. Our training courses focus on teaching you an economical, machine- and environmentally- friendly way of grooming. This will help you to achieve perfect results on the slopes and reduce your costs in the long term.

PRO ACADEMY's training courses for aspiring snow groomer drivers take place all over Europe

Become a snow groomer driver

In the PRO ACADEMY you will learn everything you need to become a snow groomer driver! From the technical functions of a snow groomer to the correct operation of the vehicle to the basic knowledge of grooming. Here you can register directly for the online training!

Become a snow groomer driver via e-learning
online training

Interactive Online Trainings

PROACADEMY's trainings have been developed with a special focus on interactivity. They offer active learning and playful solving of tasks instead of just clicking through slides. In this preview video you can see how the interactive online trainings are structured.

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The PRO ACADEMY training "Level 2.0 Snow Grooming for professionals – Pre-Season" for snow groomer drivers can be completed as online training at any time in our course portal.

You are welcome to send us a message to learn more about the training. Please use our contact form.


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