Professional, manufacturer-independent training for efficient and economical snow management.

Perfect results.

“Not one single vehicle or product from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG has ever been developed just so that it could be used to do a job. They are all designed and built for achieving a perfect result – in as resource-conserving and economical a way as possible. That’s what we mean by professionalism. And that’s why we have the PRO ACADEMY.– Florian Profanter, Head of PRO ACADEMY

The PRO ACADEMY is a professional training academy for managers, drivers and technicians. The manufacturer-independent training courses can be booked by private individuals and corporate customers. With three academy areas and various types of training, the PRO ACADEMY has the right concept for everyone. Whether you’re coming as a beginner, with prior knowledge or an individual consulting request: thanks to the level system you can take advantage of the course that suits you best.

All practical training modules from the PRO ACADEMY are undertaken in your own ski resort and using your own vehicles or snowmaking facilities. The biggest advantage is that your drivers are already familiar with the existing vehicles, the systems and the slopes or the environment, which enables them to concentrate fully on the training. Because your drivers are accompanied and trained during their everyday work, you don’t need to worry about losing any working hours, and your slopes are perfectly groomed for the next morning!

And the most important thing: all training in the ski resorts is provided on a manufacturer-independent basis!


Academy overview

The level system from PRO ACADEMY

The three-stage level system includes various training modules that build on one another. Modules can be completed as theoretical and/or practical lessons and conveniently via online access depending on the theme. There is a test at the end of a module and level. Participants receive an official certificate of achievement on successful completion.

Quality not quantity: our special training courses

The PRO ACADEMY also offers special courses for corporate customers in addition to the level system. The training content of these courses is tailored specifically to your individual requirements and wishes. The special courses are provided on site in your ski resort and can be combined freely.

Consulting and management.

Today's technology offers every opportunity for economical and eco-friendly snow grooming, and for sustainable use of existing resources. We offer individual consulting and training programmes with differing focuses to enable your to exploit your potential to the full and save costs. We show you how to increase the efficiency and quality of your work at your resort – and how to protect the environment while doing so.


  • Manufacturer-independent training courses
  • Bespoke training and consultation service for your ski resort
  • Many years' experience in snow grooming and snow production
  • Mastery of slopes of every difficulty level
  • International know-how
  • Proven in practice at the Olympics, World Cup and Europa Cup competitions


For managers

For operators

For technicians*:*&rows=10


Entdecke unsere Online-Trainings!


[Translate to EN:] PRO ACADEMY Online Training Absolvent Neil Robertson

PRO ACADEMY Online-Training Graduate Neil Robertson:
“I have several years working as an operator and still learn each night of the season. I have had the fortune of being shown the ‘right way’ over the years by many very experienced operators from different countries so I consider myself fortunate. Latterly I have had to continue my improvement by self teaching and experiment. PRO ACADEMY online training offered me assurance that I had banked the basics, yet it ventured into learnings around turning, blade work and tilling errors which had never came out in my previous instruction.

PRO ACADEMY Online-Training would be an essential starter for anybody new to being an operator, or  for a ski area to offer its new drivers, yet for those in middle ground and those who have self taught, it may be worth you giving it a go and see if there is  something you have yet to learn or understand so you can step closer to leaving that perfect finish wherever you go.”


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