Levels System


The level system from PRO ACADEMY guides you on the way to your dream job of snow groomer driver! With learning content that builds up sensibly and a motivating training concept, acquire knowledge step by step about snow groomers and their operation. 

As a beginner you start with the entry-level training at level 1. This is where you acquire the snow grooming basics and learn how to use the vehicles safely. This content is deepened in the subsequent training and expanded with specific elements, e.g. working with the winch. You will take a test at the end of each module. You will receive a certificate on successful completion and qualify for the next level. 

Q&A: Level 1.0 Training

Level 1.0 Training Q&A Video

You would like to participate in the PRO ACADEMY Level 1.0 training and are wondering which requirements you have to meet? Together with George Sarimpalidis will answer you the most important questions. [ more ]

Level 1.0 Training (2) Q&A Video

You are wondering what opportunities you have after successfully completing a level 1.0 training course? George Sarimpalidis, the head of technical training, will answer your question in this video! [ more ]

Level 1.0 Training (3) Q&A Video

What the training courses of the PRO ACADEMY Level 1.0 contain and what you learn in the process, you will learn in this short video! [ more ]

Level 1

1.0 Slope preparation (beginners)

How snow groomers work and how to operate them. Basics of slope preparation. Hazards and safe handling of snow groomers [ more ]

1.1 Familiarization w/ the vehicle (vehicle-specific)

Components of the vehicle. Explanation of all instruments and controls. Checks and maintenance work. [ more ]

Level 2

2.0 Slope preparation (advanced)

Types of snow and properties of each type. Do's and don'ts in basic structuring. Economical and ecological slope preparation. [ more ]

2.1 Cable winch

Hazards and safety. Working correctly and efficiently. Checks and maintenance work. [ more ]

2.2 Snow parks

Efficient construction of the features. Daily preparation. Safe transport of the elements. [ more ]

2.3 Lifts

Creating entry and exit areas. Daily preparation. Hazards and safety. [ more ]

Level 3

3.0 Slope and Snow Management

Evaluation of the data from the fleet-management and snow-depth measuring system. Influence of the weather on the snow cover. Managing the slope-grooming team and delegating duties. [ more ]

3.1 Build & prepare Racing slopes

Production of technical snow for alpine racing slopes. Snow compaction in a short time. Clearing fresh snow off a race course. [ more ]

3.2 Build & prepare freestyle runs

Building World Cup ski-cross runs and slopestyle parks. Preparing WC halfpipes. Building Big-Air events. [ more ]