Mount Buller

PistenBully NEWS: What do you find fascinating about PistenBully?
Katharina Bergmann: The size of the machines and the incredible amount of options that these snow groomers have to offer. I am a passionate skier myself, and this is why it fascinates me to see what you can do with snow. If I had the money, I would surely have a PistenBully in my garage.

PistenBully NEWS: How did the other participants react to a woman taking part in the beginners' training course?
Katharina Bergmann: I reckon that most of them were rather surprised. But I think that in some instances, they were impressed with my knowledge. I have always been working in male-dominated fields, so I am used to standing my ground.

PistenBully NEWS: Will you continue with the training?
Katharina Bergmann: Of course I will continue the training. There are still a lot of things I need to learn.

PistenBully NEWS: Where and how would you like to work?
Katharina Bergmann: I run the Mt. Buller Race & Events Department in Australia, and therefore co-operate very closely with the grooming department. I was almost always there as a co-pilot when we had to pile up a start mound, prepare ski runs for races, build ski-cross and snowboardcross courses, create parks for slope-style events, set up cross-country tracks for over 1,000 skiers in the middle of nowhere and organize mogul slope competitions. My ambition is to alleviate the grooming department's workload by helping out as a driver.

PistenBully NEWS: How do you assess the beginners' training course of PRO ACADEMY?
Katharina Bergmann: I can really recommend the training at PRO ACADEMY, be it for drivers or managers. It gives a perfect first overview over the application range and functional options. Moreover, it provides a sound basic knowledge with regard to maintenance and safety, as well as driving strategies.





  Katharina Bergmann, 28

Ski monitor from East Tyrol, who, in the summer is in charge of the Mt. Buller Race & Events Department in Australia