The PRO ACADEMY is part of the Blue IQ corporate strategy with which Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG embeds technical innovations in ecological and economical contexts.

Skilled specialists in the area of snow grooming: Our conviction is that good career training consists of both theory and practice. Without the necessary theoretical background knowledge, the job cannot be done to professional standard and lessons learned are soon forgotten unless they are put into practice.

The PRO ACADEMY, moreover, sets standards with its new learning portal and online training courses. If there's no one-on-one support possible the solution is simply pass on theoretical knowledge digitally. Over a user-friendly, web-based learning interface.

We deliver:

  • Manufacturer-independent training courses
  • Bespoke training and consultation service for your ski resort
  • Many years’ experience in snow grooming and snow production
  • Mastery of slopes of every difficulty level
  • International know-how
  • Proven in practice at the Olympics, World Cup and Europa Cup competitions

"I have been working with snow as a resource and as an ad - visor for ski resorts on the theme of snow management for many years. Efficiency is always the number 1 focus. Today’s technology offers every opportunity for economical and eco-friendly snow production and grooming. People have to know what they’re doing to exploit this potential to the full. And how to operate the machine properly in the most varied situations. My team and I have set ourselves a very clear target: We want to make everyone of your employees a professional in their own sphere.

We were truly overwhelmed by the demand of the last years. Obviously I'm really pleased with the great many follow-up bookings - where I'm helping the drivers through the season for the 5th time. Together with the international team we are well-equipped for the coming season, in order to maintain the high level that we are committed to."

Florian Profanter, Head of PRO ACADEMY




[Translate to EN:] PRO ACADEMY Online Training Absolvent Neil Robertson

PRO ACADEMY Online-Training Graduate Neil Robertson:
“I have several years working as an operator and still learn each night of the season. I have had the fortune of being shown the ‘right way’ over the years by many very experienced operators from different countries so I consider myself fortunate. Latterly I have had to continue my improvement by self teaching and experiment. PRO ACADEMY online training offered me assurance that I had banked the basics, yet it ventured into learnings around turning, blade work and tilling errors which had never came out in my previous instruction.

PRO ACADEMY Online-Training would be an essential starter for anybody new to being an operator, or  for a ski area to offer its new drivers, yet for those in middle ground and those who have self taught, it may be worth you giving it a go and see if there is  something you have yet to learn or understand so you can step closer to leaving that perfect finish wherever you go.”


PRO ACADEMY Drivers Training | Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG

Drivers Training

PRO ACADEMY Online Training | Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG

Online Training

Online Training


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Online Training
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Mottolino Italy

Meiringen-Hasliberg Switzerland

Canazei Italy

Turracher Höhe Austria

Weisse Arena Switzerland

Annaberg Lifte Austria

Colfosco Italy

Fiesch-Eggishorn Switzerland

Grindelwald Switzerland

Kleinwalsertaler Bergbahn Austria

Fellhornbahn Germany

Schilthornbahn Switzerland


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